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Family Fun Offer

Family Fun Offer

Take a city break with the family and bring them to Sydney. Package inclusions: - Overnigh..

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From $239

Book Early and Save Big!

Book Early and Save Big!

Plan ahead and book early to take advantage of great savings. Book 7 days before your stay and recei..

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Enjoy A Little Extra - $50 Credit

Enjoy A Little Extra - $50 Credit

We're treating you to a little extra during your stay with us, with a $50 food & beverage cr..

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Flavours of Winter

Flavours of Winter

Four Elements Restaurant & Bar is celebrating the winter season with our ‘Flavours Of ..

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Stay 2 Nights And Save 20%

Stay 2 Nights And Save 20%


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Whats on in Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city and a fantastic place to explore. With its eye-opening art, theatre and exhibitions, world class sporting events, amazing nightlife and cultural events, and stunning harbours and beaches, there is truly something for everyone.

Vinegar, Vinegar...

Vinegar is a great liquid that has wide range of uses from cooking to cleaning. With varying the concentration and mixing with some other substance, vinegar makes a perfect solution for your cleaning requirements. Hospitality industry makes wide use of vinegar which is not that hard to use in your own house to make it sparkle. Here we have listed some of the tips on using vinegar in your home and get rid of those expensive cleaners that makes you disappointed most of the time.

Deodorize drain by pouring half cup of baking soda followed by one cup of vinegar. After five minutes flush it with hot water and your drain will get rid of that bad smell. Use warm vinegar for better result.

Deodorize garbage disposal by half cup of baking soda and half cup of warm vinegar. After few minutes, clean it with cold water.

Deodorize toilet bowl by putting couple of cups of vinegar on it and let it be there for half hour and flush it.

Shine silverware like new by soaking them in a mixture of two spoon baking soda and half cup vinegar for about two hours. Rinse them in cold water afterwards and dry and get amazed by the shiny silverware.

Clean glassware and fine china by rinsing them with vinegar solution and let dry.

Remove grease from laundry and carpets by brushing the greased area with vinegar and let dry.

Remove stains of coffee and tea from your chinaware by cleaning with mixture of salt and vinegar. It’s that easy!

Clean coffee machine drips for minerals deposits by filling the container with vinegar and run it for a cycle and then do one more cycle with water to rinse it.

Clean refrigerator by washing with solution of vinegar and water. That should get rid of bad smell as will from the refrigerator.

Clean steam iron by filling it with solution of vinegar and water and let it steam for about five minutes. Rinse the iron container with water and test it on old cloth before using.

Deodorize microwave by boiling a solution of quarter cup of vinegar with one cup of water. It will make it easier to clean and remove the smell in microwave.
Clean bathtub film by spraying vinegar and wiping them after some minutes. Rinse with water afterwards.

Deodorize cigarette smoke from a smelly room by placing a bowl of vinegar in the room and leave it for few hours.

Clean blinds by wearing a pair of cotton gloves and dip it in the solution of half vinegar and half part warm water and run your finger across the both sides of the blinds. This makes it easier to clean the blinds.

Avoid ants and other insects by pouring some vinegar crossing doors and windows. This will keep the ants and other insects out of your room.

Get rid of flies by putting a bowl of vinegar nearby and the flies will avoid that spot.

So next time you come across some cleaning problem, don’t look for commercial cleaners, go to your kitchen and look for your best cleaning solution Vinegar!

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