November 14, 2016

A letter from the GM - Farewell Greg

After nine wonderful and rewarding years as General Manager of Mercure Sydney, it is now time to say goodbye.  Today will be my last official day as GM with Daniel Barnard taking over tomorrow.  I am finding it hard to let go so you will see me around for another week or so.

These past nine years have presented me with many memorable experiences, some good and some challenging, but still memorable.

I have made some great friends whilst at Mercure Sydney, both guests and clients. You don’t miss a building, you only miss the people and I will certainly miss Mercure Sydney because of its people.

I said something during my farewell on Friday, that is, you must always base your day on the premise of caring for each other. Of course, we will have disagreements and ups and downs, but the basic premise is caring for your co-workers. If we truly believe this, the success of the business will follow.

I will never stop caring about the “humans” of Mercure Sydney.

Thank you all so much for the great ride!