October 06, 2017

Flashback Fridays

Every Friday Mercure Sydney is going back in time to revisit what it was like for our staff being teens. Big hair, daggy fashion and 'what was I thinking' moments. 

Our first journey back in time takes to the naughty 90's.

Name: Talis
Birth place: Orange, NSW, Australia
Age (in photo): 15
Favourite thing growing up: In my high School years was being part of my Schools Show Stock team. 

Role: Reservations Manager 
Age (Now): 34 
Favourite thing now: Right now… being a Dad.

Next stop is not that long ago...but wow, just wow. The year is 2009 

Name: Alex
Birth place: Darlinghust, NSW
Age (in photo): 17
Favourite thing growing up: Having abs. 

Role: Design and Digital Marketing Executive 
Age (Now): 26
Favourite thing now: Every year I patiently wait for winter to roll around and the snow to fall so I can go skiing. My year isn’t complete without getting on a mountain somewhere, somehow and sliding down it!

By: Alex De Santis