October 12, 2017

Flashback Fridays

Every Friday Mercure Sydney is going back in time to revisit what it was like for our staff being teens. Big hair, daggy fashion and 'what was I thinking' moments. 

This week we start our time warp in 2004, Facebook was launched, 'Friends' ended and Spirit, a NASA Mars Rover, lands successfully on Mars...This also happened...

Name: Daniel
Birth place: Romford, Essex, England
Age (in photo): 24
Favourite thing growing up: Playing football (soccer)

Age (Now): 37
Job role: General Manager
Favourite thing now: Food and drink

Now to the 90's, 1996 to be exact. We met the Spice Girls, Take That split up and Jurassic Park was in cinemas. What a time to be alive! 

Name: Novita
Birth place: Indonesia
Age (in photo): 15
Favourite thing growing up: Loved being carefree, enjoying outdoor activities, reading books, playing piano, watching anime, cartoons and telenovelas. 

Age (Now): 36
Job role: Multi Hotel Payroll Manager
Favourite thing now: I enjoy travelling the world (US, Hawaii, Canada, Korea, China, Hong Kong, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore). I enjoy cooking and eating all type of cuisine. Cheese is my favourite food. I also like spending time with friends and family, relaxing and shopping. 

By: Alex De Santis