October 20, 2017

Flashback Friday

Every Friday Mercure Sydney is going back in time to revisit what it was like for our staff being teens. Big hair, daggy fashion and 'what was I thinking' moments. 

The year is 2000, the new millennium was upon us. The future... finally

Name: Emma
Birth place: Croydon, England
Age (then): 15
Favourite thing growing up: My Sisters and I collectively had about 30 Barbie dolls! And we had a beautiful (short haired Siamese) ironically named called Fluffy! Who knew I had such a good sense of humour at the age of 5!

Age (Now): 32
Job role: BDM – Business Groups
Favourite thing now: My Wife!

Four years later into 2004 and the future still has not come, no flying cars, no space suits... 

Name: Claire
Birth place: Australia
Age (in photo): 24
Favourite thing growing up: The Cure, Faith No More,  I went to SO many festivals and live music gigs, best one was Alternative Nation which just turned into a massive MUD fight.  

Age (Now): 37
Job role: Talent & Culture Manager
Favourite thing now: Relaxing on the water with my dog and a good book.

By: Alex De Santis