December 03, 2015


Hello Everyone!! My name is Harshala Bharath and I am the Finance Graduate Management Trainee here in Mercure Sydney.

I have recently graduated from University of Wollongong and believe me as a student on a budget you can learn a lot of tips and tricks along the way as well as still meeting your wants. I currently work with a fantastic finance team which can cook up “figures calculated using a traditional, secret recipe”. So I thought why not share our top 5 secrets on how to make your money go further!!

1. Different people have different priorities

First things first, we all have different circumstances such as having family to take care of or you’re a low income earner. The best thing way to approach this is to set priorities first, to what is most important to least. Another way is to outline what are all the expenses and savings in the household because it would be nice to be in control of your situation.

2. Online shopping

For all those shopaholics out there that like to shop online especially overseas you are in luck because AUD is very strong. However, the only problem is to see whether the clothing fits you or if the cosmetic is right shade for you. Simple, just go to the shops try the product and remember the size/shade and buy online. Remember to always look for items on sales particularly when there is off-season clothing clearance in the opposite side of the world!

3. Seasonal fruits and vegetables

If you are buying fruits / vegies, always buy those that are in season. Not only this will usually be cheaper, but also it will be fresher and hence more nutritious. This will also give you no excuse to eat outside because not only will you save but this will encourage a healthier lifestyle. For more tips on what's in season, click here

4.  “Try not to use any credit card”

It is better to spend money that you own instead of spending money that you owe and then later pay it off with unnecessary interest on top. Don’t fall for the credit card promotion deals such as 0% balance transfer credit card!

5. Loyalty cards

When I was at university I used to stock up on loyalty cards especially when you can accumulate points for a free coffee or a muffin. Loyalty cards can be found in all types of businesses even Accor has one! Best part is once you sign up for free you can use it all in ALL Accor hotels around the world and gain various rewards.

Hope these tips help you and remember saving a little bit can add up to a huge amount in the long run!

Happy Savings!