March 14, 2016

How To Remove Candle wax from Carpet

Our Executive Housekeeper Julie Tancred has solved the age old question of how to remove wax off the carpet!

Have you ever had candle wax drip onto your carpet and not sure how to successfully remove it? Please see a few easy steps below.

You will need:


Brown Paper


All purpose cleaner


  1. Place the cloth flat on the carpet just in front of the candle wax
  2. Turn the iron on high. ( Do Not use steam setting).
  3. Place the brown paper on top of the wax.
  4. Place the iron on the brown paper, slowly moving the brown paper forward over the cloth. This will ensure any residue wax goes on the cloth and not on the carpet. The wax will melt onto the brown paper.
  5. When the wax is removed from the carpet there still may be some residue. Use an All Purpose cleaner to saturate the carpet. Take a clean cloth, fold twice and place on the carpet. Place iron on steam setting and iron over the cloth. This will take away any residue left from the wax.


Now all complete and no more Candle Wax !!!