April 14, 2016

How to get the best deals year round at Mercure Sydney

Hi there! 

My name is Jade Plunkett and I am the Revenue Manager here at Mercure Sydney! If you’re wondering what my role entails that is completely normal – we Revenue Managers get asked all the time about our role.

Essentially, I am responsible for analyzing the market and pricing of our hotel according to the demand in Sydney. But, there’s no reason to dislike me (actually quite the contrary), because I am here to tell YOU how to snatch up the best deals at Mercure Sydney! 

First thing is first - join our loyalty program Le Club! This isn’t another ploy to just get you to sign up and spam your inbox – we want to recognise you, and provide to you all the extras YOU deserve! 

Le Club is a FREE loyalty points program which allows you to transfer these points into dollars to spend on accommodation with any Accor Hotels hotel. What’s more, the more you stay the higher your status becomes, and therefore your benefits increase – maybe you will become our next Platinum member?

Our Le Club members also agree that they are the happiest of all of our guests due to the added bonuses and recognition they receive. We are so grateful for their loyalty that we go out of our way to ensure they are happy from check-in to check-out; from free upgrades, drink vouchers, free internet to even hosting Happy Hour every fortnight!

As if the above extras weren’t enough, you also receive early access to all of our specials and sales, with some offers exclusively packaged for you – our loyal members! Okay… so you’ll receive an email here or there but who doesn’t love a good deal?! Early access to these sales aren’t just specific to Mercure Sydney either, it’s to all of our Accor Hotels!

So what are you waiting for?! Click on the link and be recognised today!

Thanks for sticking around – hope this provided insight into the first step of getting a great deal all-year round! Be sure to check-in next time for the next installment of how to get a bargain hotel room - we can’t give away all our secrets in one blog!

Until next time…