July 11, 2016

How to improve your interview skills?

Have you ever wanted to know how you can improve your interview skills? Our Talent and Culture Coordinator Lara has decided to share the best tips and tricks to ensure you get that next job.

Interviewing is an inevitable part of life whether that be; to gain entry into the top university, applying for a bank loan or the most common interview… the job interview. Most people are out of their comfort zone when being the interviewee it can be described as nerve-wracking, uncomfortable and can sometimes test your patience!

However, interviewing is a skill you can learn. With the right tips and techniques, you can become a master at sharing your value with potential employers, presenting yourself effectively at interviews, and getting the job you want!

  1. Practice makes perfect: with practice comes perfection.
  2. Know your story: Your story is what helps people understand who you are and where you are going. So by ensuring you have self-awareness and know your strengthens and weaknesses to be able to explain your past and present experiences. Hence, will determine a clear career path and motivation for applying with the company.
  3. Research on the role: Understanding the role you are applying for is essential to be able to demonstrate your best qualities and why you should get the role. Simple google searches on the role itself or asking a friend who is in the industry can help better your understanding of what required.
  4. Be prepared: Bring a copy of your most up to date resume, passport copy/birth certificate and/or other necessary qualifications to the interview.
  5. Anticipate questions likely to be asked: A common interview technique is behavioural questioning in which the interviewer asks you to provide examples using past experiences to predict future behaviour. 
  6. Ask questions: always ask questions. This is your chance to find out more about your potential the role, manager and team.
  7. Contacting referee’s: Contacting your referee’s is always best to ensure that they are still comfortable with being your reference and to also find out if there details are still correct: e.g. mobile or email address. Another benefit of informing them is to also explain the role and your motivations for applying, as the referee will be able to help with justifying examples to your practice questions.

Good luck with your Job interview preparation!