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Welcome Quarantinies

Welcome to Mercure Sydney & thank you for keeping us all safe!

We are very happy to have you as our guests and hope you will be able to spend the rest of 2021 safely with your loved ones. To help pass the time, our team have organised some fun activities & daily specials that we trust you will enjoy while you call Mercure Sydney home. Or, why not spend some time planning your next great Aussie adventure? Those iconic Australian beaches won’t swim in themselves!


We have covered most of the FAQ in our Welcome Letter欢迎函 | اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ  | 안내서 ), via the TVs display and in our Activities Booklet.

However please give us a call if you have any unanswered questions. The reception team are happy to help or are able to transfer you through to the Nursing or Police teams if your question is outside of our scope.

Mini bar, jigsaw puzzles, adult colouring books & other activities, electronic and complimentary room supplies like tea & coffee etc. can be refreshed during your stay via The Store

We’d love for you to join us on Kudoboard where you can share tips, memes and gifs with your fellow quarantinies and where we will post daily challenges, live activities and other bits & pieces. No login is required from you and you can post as little or as much as you like!


We LOVE having you stay with us and while we know you’d prefer to be at home with loved ones, we really want to know, besides fresh air and a balcony, what can WE do to make the quarantine experience more enjoyable for you and for our future guests. You can provide feedback directly to our team by dialling #9, emailing or clicking through to our online feedback platform at any time during your stay.


Please advise us of your dietary requirements by completing the form or call our lovely reception team.

Note, changes to dietaries may take up to 24 hours to finalise. Preferences may not be accommodated.


Please be aware, during swab testing or arrival & departure periods (while other guests are being checked-in or checked-out by police in the lobby) we are not permitted to deliver orders to your room. There may be a delay in receiving your items if they arrive during this time.

This is a part of the infection control measures in place to ensure your health & safety by avoiding any possible cross contamination from other travellers.

Should you choose to order any groceries or external meals during your stay, please ensure these arrive before 9:00pm and that they are labelled with your full name and room number. The hotel will take receipt of your items and will deliver them to your room as soon as possible.

Please note, all deliveries will be checked for any restricted items (listed below) and to ensure compliance with below daily alcohol limits.



Delivery of alcohol is permitted and will be limited to 1 bottle of wine or 6 beers or 200ml of spirit per person, per day. This total is inclusive of any alcohol ordered via hotel minibar as well as external deliveries.
Any overage in alcohol ordered will be stored by the hotel for delivery on a later day or collection at checkout, please call reception on “9” to have your stored alcohol delivered at your convenience (available once daily only).


Cigarettes: As we are a fully non-smoking hotel, no cigarettes will be delivered to your room during your stay. Any cigarettes you order will be stored for you and available for collection upon your departure.

Anything with a flame/heating element/fire risk: This includes candles, matchsticks, lighters, toasters, hot-plates, sandwich presses etc. This is to ensure fire safety of all guests and team members. All deliveries will be inspected for these items, they will be stored for you and available for collection upon your departure.

Nebulisers and fans: In line with guidelines issued by the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC); nebulisers and fans are not allowed inside hotel quarantine rooms. This is intended to minimise the potential risk of causing airborne transmission of the virus. If you have any health concerns regarding this policy, please speak with the nursing team for more information.



WOOLWORTHS Priority Online Ordering

“To ensure vulnerable customers in the community have access to delivery services at this time, we will be providing a Priority Assistance service with dedicated delivery windows.”

Applications for priority assistance may take up to 24hrs to be reviewed by Woolworths.

HATCH Located just downstairs in Railway Square & with a 4.9 google rating. Hatch is a local favourite for coffee, bacon & egg rolls and grilled halloumi wraps. Peruse their food menu online: and text the team directly for deliveries mon-fri from 6am to 2pm – 0415917545. (Open times may vary with lockdown).

ACRETTE Located just across the street. Check out their menu and call Angela on 0449255571 to order between 6:30AM-7PM Monday to Friday. (Open times may vary with lockdown).



Please note, exercise equipment will need to remain in the room at least 48 hours after departure to allow the equipment to be deep cleaned. This is to ensure that items are fully sanitised in line with the public health order. Most equipment rental companies factor this into their charge but please ensure this is communicated at time of booking.

Turbo Studios Treadmill, Bike, Weights etc.

Gymtel $99 – A FULL GYM IN A BAG – Suspension trainer, Yoga mat, Resistance tubes, Booty bands, Sliders, Foam roller, Ab wheel, Massage ball, Latex bands.

Quarantine Rentals Treadmill, Bike, Weights etc.
Save $20 with code “YESPLEASE”

Quarantine Fit Club Treadmill, Bike, Weights etc. plus computer monitors & NutriBullets


ABC iview

SBS on Demand



Google Virtual Tours

Tik Tok

House Party

Duo Lingo

Radio Garden


Ted Talks

Project Gutenberg

Visit A City

Inspirational Podcasts

Simple Habit


(Yoga | Meditation | Workout)

Yoga with Adriene

Core Power Yoga


Group HIIT


Mercure Sydney ☆☆☆☆address

818-820 George Street ,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (+61) 2 9217 6666 - 1800 633 948 (Toll-Free)
Fax:(+61) 2 9217 6616


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