Mercure Sydney - Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Mercure Sydney, commitment to the environment is second nature to us. Our sustainability program involves implementing eco-friendly practices and reducing environmental impact, such as energy and water conservation, waste reduction and sourcing local, sustainable products.



We understand everyone is committed to sustainability these days and everyone has environmental practices in place at home.

These practices don’t have to stop because you are away from home.  Here at Mercure Sydney we have the following commitments and practices in place:

Corporate Sustainability: So wirtschaften Sie nachhaltig


  • Water saving appliances
  • Sustainable bamboo room keys
  • Lighting solutions that are energy efficient
  • Black out blinds to assist temperature control
  • Removal of single use toiletries and replace with bulk dispensers


  • A diverse menu with vegetarian options
  • Source sustainable items and ingredients
  • Environmental friendly practices and recycle program


  • Locally sources suppliers
  • Removal of single use plastic
  • Minimal single use glass
  • Removal of plastic straws and replace with paper straws


  • Water jugs in place instead of plastic bottles
  • Optional removal of pens and notepad offering for events


  • Reduce water consumption in rooms
  • Encourage towel re-usage


  • Energy efficient power usage
  • Solar panel energy production
  • Lighting sensors in place


Accor’s Commitment to Sustainability

Accor has develop key roles and responsibilities to achieve our sustainability goals for all of its hotels.

#1  Single Use Plastic Global Challenge to Act for #NoMoreSingleUsePlastic

With the objective to eliminate all guest-related single-use plastic items in the guest experience. Our hotel is also following this practice, by removing all plastic room cards to bamboo made key cards. No use of plastic bottles for in room service and conference and functions. Removal of plastic straws and replace with paper straws. Toiletries also changed to bulk use instead of single use toiletries.

#2 Accor’s ley goals and commitments:

  • Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • Absolute reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Restoring at least 30% of the world’s land, coastal areas and oceans
  • Continually roll out new measures to inspire the entire industry

Mercure Sydney’s NABERS Hotel Ratings

         NABERS logo


Furthermore to our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to be rated by NABERS for our eco-friendly practices. A NABERS hotel rating combines 12 months of operational data of your hotel’s guest rooms, on-site amenities and back-of-house facilities.

NABERS for hotels is a tool designed to give hotels a one to six star rating for energy and water efficiency. It rates hotel space, including all facilities provided for hotel staff and guests. Mercure Sydney has achieved a 3-star NABERS Rating for Water and a 5-Star NABERS Rating for Energy, and with our passionate team and continued environmental focus are working towards achieving even higher ratings in the very near future.

Find out more about our NABERS Rating

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